Technology Transfer


Our Center PIs are very actively spinning out their research results toward valorization for the benefit of society. During the first CMB funding cycle (2016-2020), over 40 individual patents were filed and over 30 new patent applications were published. With Nico Callewaert in 2012, in 2018, Jan Tavernier was named one of the top 20 translational life sciences researchers in Nature Biotechnology’s annual survey. Our patent portfolio already resulted in five spin-off companies,

Devgen (acquired by Syngenta)     Pronota (acquired by MyCartis)

Orionis Biosciences (2016)    ExeVir Bio (2020)    Oxyrane

At any given time, licensing deals with pharmaceutical and biotech companies are running in CMB and quite some of these deals are initiated through a dedicated business developer, Koen Tyberghein, who started in 2017 to further enhance CMB’s technology transfer capacity (see also Protein Technologies Ghent). Koen focuses on licensing deals in the areas of protein analytics, biopharmaceutical glycoprotein production technology and proteomics bioinformatics.


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