VIB-UGent Center for Medical Biotechnology

UGent-VIB Research Building FSVMII - Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 75
9052 Ghent

Our director: Nico Callewaert

How to Reach us

Our Center is housed in the VIB-UGent Research Building FSVMII. Together with the VIB-UGent Centers for Inflammation Research and Plant Systems Biology which are located in building FSVM I, we form the VIB-UGent hub on the Tech Lane Ghent Science Park. The Tech Lane Ghent Science Park can be easily reached by public transport (train and bus) and by car. Cars from visitors can be parked in front of the FSVM1 research building. You can enter our Center via the main entrance at the back of the building, the Center’s reception is located on the first level. 

Goods reception
When you arrive at the Technology park, drive straight on after the roundabout. Before building No. 71, turn left (1), and continue straight on past this building (2). The building behind is no. 75 (3), turn right and drive up the ramp (4) to reach the goods reception that can be entered around the corner (5).