The Cytokine Receptor Lab focusses on a better understanding of receptor functioning at a mechanistic and biological level. Advancing new insights towards the clinic is our ultimate goal.

Jan Tavernier

Group Leader
VIB Group leader since 1996
Scientific founder and CTO of Orionis Biosciences
Co department director 2014-2016
Acting department director 2010-2014
PhD: Ghent University, Belgium, 1984

Research areas

Immunology & inflammation Computational biology Medical biotechnology

Research focus

Research at the Cytokine Receptor Lab (CRL) is centered around four main themes: (1) mechanisms underlying receptor activation and the Jak/Stat pathway with the leptin receptor as a model system, (2) analysis of protein-protein interactions, from analytical programs to large-scale interactomics using our in-house developed MAPPIT platform, (3) the development of AcTakines, “Activity-on-Target” cytokines that display greatly reduced systemic toxicity, and (4) understand signaling downstream of Toll-like receptors by extensive semi-automated mutagenesis analysis and molecular modeling in combination with in-cellulo interaction assays.

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