VIB Proteomics Core

VIB Proteomics Core

This core started in 2005 as a spin-off service unit of the proteomics laboratory of Prof. Dr. Kris Gevaert. Today, it has evolved from a research-oriented facility to a service-oriented platform and has become a reference center for proteome research in Belgium and beyond.

VIB Core Facilities

VIB has 10 institutional Core Facilities in total, providing support in a wide array of research fields and housing specialized scientific equipment and services for each discipline. Science and technology go hand in hand. New technologies advance science and often accelerate breakthroughs in scientific research. VIB has a visionary approach to science and technology, founded on its ability to identify and foster new innovations in life sciences.

The VIB Core Facilities, supported by the ‘Technology Watch’ program, are instrumental in guaranteeing VIB scientists access to the latest and greatest tools and field-specific technologies. The results speak for themselves: groundbreaking research, unprecedented collaborations and real-life applications that change the world.

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